Focus Areas

Youth Volunteerism and Indian Constitution

A) Indian Constitution Awareness Campaign

Bhartiya Samvidhan Jagar Abhiyan

Constitution of India

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar is rightly called as the father of Indian constitution due to his immense contribution in making of the constitution. As a Chairman of the Constitution Drafting Committee he gave a shape to our country of a complete Sovereign, Democratic and Republic based on adult franchise. Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar’s name will be written in golden letters in the history of India as a creator of social justice.

Indian Constitution Awareness Campaign – Bhartiya Samvidhan Jagar Abhiyan by ROSHNI Foundation and NCPR aims to facilitate conversations around preamble and constitution for adolescents and for young people

Our aim is to educate adolescents and young people about the importance preamble, constitutional values, human rights and citizenship. And also to make aware of their fundamental rights and duties as citizens of India.

What we do

  • We organise quarterly meetings in which we have video screenings of “Samvidhaan: The Making of the Constitution of India” television mini-series based on the making of the Indian Constitution, directed by Shyam Benegal. The series can be viewed on YouTube on Rajya Sabha TV's channel.
  • In addition we also do have video screenings of documentaries related to fundamental rights and duties, freedom struggles, social activists, movements for human rights, farmers and Bahujan rights movement, gender justice, ecology, social impact reportage.

B) Promoting Youth Volunteerism

youth volunteerism initiative-Volunteers from PCCOE College at ROSHNI Foundation organsied Pedestrain awarness Program

Our Approach:

As a part of our approach to promote youth volunteerism we try to provide opportunities for youth to build and strengthen their capacity and skills and find platforms for them to share their voices and experiences via our interventions which are mentioned above.

We at ROSHNI believe that young people should be included in decision making and they should be at the centre of the development, implementation, and evaluation of programs and policies that affect their lives. With the assistance of likeminded civil society organisations and youth led organisation we try to elevate the efforts and voices of young people. We try our best in amplifying young people’s voices and perspectives and accelerating their inclusion in decision-making spaces.

With the support of activist, youth-led organizations who collaborate with us at ROSHNI’s to make sure that young people are engaged in a meaningful way.

Our Intent:

The intent of promoting youth volunteerism initiative is to make sure young people’s inclusion in decisions making are various level in the communities. Their insights, their creativity, their experiences, their skills, and their commitment are integral to finding the solutions to the entrenched and emerging development challenges of today.

We try our best to enable the young people in the following way via our interventions mentioned above in the pointers of Focus Area column:

  • Training and enabling youth community leaders to catalyse action for gender equality and the health, rights, and wellbeing of girls and women
  • Support efforts of young people to implement their ideas
  • Enable young people as peace builders
  • Access to civil society organisations
  • Strengthening skills of young leaders
  • Supporting youth advocacy
  • Ensure that young people have a substantive voice
  • Support young people to fully participate and meaningfully engage in processes related to their role and responsibilities with other development stakeholders
  • Conducting training of trainers session for young people on gender, sexuality
  • Increase and formalize meaningful opportunities for professional development;

Sustainable Development Goals in our Focus Area of Promoting Youth Volunteerism are as follows:

Youth Volunteerism and Indian Constitution matters to the achievement of several Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
Let's take a moment to reflect which SDG Goals are impacted because of it: