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Crisis Relief Intervention

Sahayata Campaign

An initiative by ROSHNI Foundation has made its small contribution to the relief work during natural disasters and is committed in helping underprivileged people living in open on the streets and night shelters during winters

Press Maharashtra Times Newspaper - Feature on Chennai Sahayata Campaign by ROSHNI Foundation

  • National Disasters: We have channelized relief material in our small capacity by contributing food grains - dry ration, clothes, blankets, tarpaulins, toiletries, cooking utensils, Cooker, buckets & mugs, water purifier tablets, candles, match boxes, new undergarments etc. in the state of Chennai during the floods by raising support through Chennai Sahayata Campaign, and the Nepal during the Earthquake by Nepal Sahayata Campaign. The situation was alarming and millions of people were affected by the devastation. We pray that such disasters should not take place but if unfortunately they occur then our small relief support efforts will continue in all possible capacities if such unfortunate natural calamities happen in future.
  • Winters: In Winter as the temperature drops many people living on streets who do not have blankets to cover suffer. We at ROSHNI are working towards reducing sufferings in winter due to non-availability of proper clothing. Providing warm clothing to the needy during winter season surely is a great help. Homeless people due to lack of clothes / blankets to cover themselves are at a great risk of suffering from severe illnesses. You can contact us and contribute by supporting warm clothes for underprivileged and needy. Contact details given in contact us page.

Schools contributed for Chennai Sahayata Campaign

Sustainable Development Goals in our Focus Area of Crisis Relief Intervention are as follows:

Crisis Relief Intervention --- ROSHNI Sahayata Campaign matters to the achievement of several Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). .
Let's take a moment to reflect which SDG Goals are impacted because of it: