About Us

ROSHNI Foundation is a non-profit organisation, focused on mentoring and enabling adolescents, youths, men, women and transgender on issues around menstrual hygiene, sexual reproductive health rights. And also instrumental in reducing gender-based violence, protection of rights of differently abled and LGBTQIA, advocacy and policy research; enabling women, youth and educators as peace builders in the communities and inspire them to actively participate in strengthening democracy to build a better World.

ROSHNI Founder Pravin Nikam speaking on Session on Reproductive Health, Adolescence and Adulthood audience included Boys and Girls, Teachers

Based in Pune District of Maharashtra State in INDIA, ROSHNI Foundation works through collaborative partnerships and advocacy initiatives with civil society organizations, government agencies, media, and other stakeholders to promote justice, gender equality, create access to SRHR information, campaign for family planning and to advocate human rights of all individuals.

ROSHNI Foundation is a capacity building and training organization. ROSHNI Foundation’s capacity building initiative enables educators, people, communities and organizations to strengthen their capabilities to develop, implement and maintain effective MHM, WASH, Gender Equality and Peacebuilding initiatives. Our capacity building initiative for educators not only aims in developing knowledge but also aims to develop critical understanding of the educators as it helps participants to link issues of gender, sexuality, reproductive health and development with the larger structural and systemic issues like patriarchy, caste-class-religion-based discrimination and violence, globalization and economic changes, nationalism and peace building.

Team Roshni

ROSHNI is a collective of young professionals working in different sectors just like you all, who want to bring social change through collective action. As Young Professionals though we work in different sectors but we come together to contribute our facilitating and training skills with respect to our focus areas to achieve measurable impact. We stand committed to create a society which stands on the foundation of justice, compassion, non-violence, secularism, gender equality, democracy, scientific temper and Indian Constitution.


We seek a world of social justice, tolerance, peace, differently abled friendly, equality, hope and where poverty has been eliminated and all people live life of dignity and security. ROSHNI Foundation envisions a world where everyone has access to sanitation, where everyone leads a healthy sexual and reproductive life. Our focus will also be on developing long term strategies for good citizenship and youth leadership at the grass root level.


ROSHNI Foundation works with a focused mission to achieve peace, social justice and champion sexual reproductive health rights, mobilizing communities and young people for a better world.


Democracy and Human Rights

We as an organisation stand committed to democracy and human rights. The values of freedom, respect for human rights are essential elements of democracy.

Scientific Temper

We stand committed to apply scientific knowledge to problems, to grapple with them through the method of scientific inquiry and to work for social transformation inspired by Scientific Temper.


We stand accountable to our supporters and are committed to use our resources efficiently, achieving measurable impact.


We humbly serve, transparently sharing our results, stories and lessons.


We believe in the foundation of trust and respect for the values, beliefs, knowledge, and capabilities of our team, partners, and the people we are committed to serve.


We believe in the right to equality of every human being.


We aspire to live to the highest standards of personal honesty and behaviour; we are accountable to the people and partners


We know that by embracing differences, actively including a variety of voices, and joining together we can solve the world’s most complex problems.


We challenge ourselves to contribute highest level of our efforts to achieve measurable impact.


We respect and value the collaborative approach.


We respect creativity and are open to new ideas.


We stand in unity with individuals, organisations promoting human rights.


We stand committed to make sure no one is deprived of justice.